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Donnellys Icons

"the black donnellys" icon community

"the black donnellys" icons
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this is a community for icons of the NBC show the black donnellys. see the black donnellys monday nights at 10, right after heroes.


there aren't many, so take a look, please.

1. this community is for everyone! you don't need approval to join or to post icons, although if people act like idiots, i'll happily ban them. :)

2. please type in understandable english.

3. when posting more than 4 icons, please use an lj-cut.

4.this is an ICON community. that means that there are two criteria for posts: (1) it has to do with the show and/or its actors/staff, AND (2) it involves icons. if you want to discuss the show, aside from icons, please visit 4blackdonnellys. it's very nice.

5. if you would like to post non-icon graphics, that's fine. please use an lj-cut.

6. this is not a request community. if specific icon-makers want to volunteer their services, that's fine, but please don't fill the community with request posts.

7. don't steal icons. don't post others' work as your own. people work hard on icons -- give credit where it's due. and for the love of tommy donnelly, NO HOTLINKING!

8. SPOILER ALERT! please do not post spoilery icons (except behind lj-cut tags) or hint at spoilers in your posts. when making icons from a particular episode, please keep spoilery icons behind a cut until one week after the episode has aired.

for show discussion: 4blackdonnellys
for fanfiction: donnellysfic

♥ - your mod, piratesdaughter

(i semi-stole these rules from veronica_icons.)
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